Web design vs Web development

Many people are unaware of the distinction between web designers and web developers. The same kind of business supports their respective livelihoods. Despite having distinct expertise and skill sets, they each contribute to the creation of websites. Together, web designers and web developers are common. They work together rather than against each other.

This Blog compares web designers with developers. This will help you decide if you need a web designer or developer. Let’s define both careers. Then we’ll examine their relationship. We’ll also give average web designer/developer hourly charges. We’ll also compare the two occupations.

Web Designer

Web designers work on a website’s appearance. Usability and user experience are also crucial while designing. Web designers don’t just ‘design,’ they consider several factors. Trends, design norms, and target audience behavior are examples. Not everything is visual. In most cases, it’s about what designs will prompt visitors to take action. After study and analysis, the design must fit the company’s branding.

Web Developer

A web developer creates a website’s second stage. A web developer can start implementing once the structure and expectations are determined. Even with web development, there are numerous sorts. You have three alternatives when hiring or becoming a web developer:

  1. Frontend Developer – A frontend developer designs your website. Front-end developers employ HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Some work with CMS platforms to manage a website’s frontend with themes and builders. In this example, much of the coding is done for you, but you’ll still need CSS understanding to make adjustments.
  2. Backend Developer – A backend developer manages a website’s backend. Priority is function. Backend developers must make everything work with a website’s frontend. This often comprises eCommerce and membership websites.
  3. Full Stack Developers – Full stack developers have everything. They handle website backend and frontend. This often simplifies workflow.

How do They Work Together?

Developers and designers collaborate closely. Both expertise contribute to a client-focused website. Web designers and developers usually begin with a detailed briefing. This briefing is essential. Misinterpretation and bad UI result from poor web designer-developer communication.

A web designer gives a frontend web developer the following information:

  1. Page mockups/design files
  2. CSS design components are needed for functionality (such as padding, margin, color, spacing and more)

If you want a web designer and developer to be on the same page, have the developer help with the design. That doesn’t mean involving the developer at every step. Include them in brainstorming and design reviews.

Depending on your website and budget, you may not be able to pay a web designer and developer. If so, consider a ‘hybrid’ designer or developer. These hybrids can help you design and construct a website quickly. They also work with WordPress. It helps them Finish website faster and On Budget 

Why Understanding how Web Design and Web Development Overlap Matters

Know why you’re hiring a designer or developer and what you expect. Will you hire both to achieve your goal? Or would you rather hire someone who does both and uses a CMS like WordPress? If you choose option 1, it’s all yours. Second choice is cheaper.

Separation remains in larger firms. Designers and developers frequently work in teams. It’s helpful. With a team of specialists, everyone can keep up with the newest trends and evolutions, resulting in a better end product. Developers and designers are closer now. Web designers are increasingly coding and developers are designing. To improve their speciality, not to become hybrids.


When hiring freelancers to create a website in a local market like Coachella Valley or California , you may wonder whether to hire a web designer or developer. These two occupations have separate skills yet are commonly confused. Creating a website requires both. Many people offer both, though. This post compares web designers and developers and discusses how they operate together. Leave a comment if you have questions or recommendations.
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