Digital Marketing Trends For in 2022

2022 is wrapping up quite similarly to 2021 did – from an era of masks and social distancing to one of vaccines and boosters, the world is once again in a state of disarray. Through all the chaos, digital marketing is one thing that has stayed the course. 

For some fresh( and more general) digital marketing trends to be on the lookout for this generation. 

Unprecedented Competition

As lucrative as the digital marketing sphere can be, it is also highly competitive, as you probably already know. However, competition is likely going to be tighter than ever. 

According to eMarketer, total global digital ad spending increased by a whopping 17% from 2021, and marketers outspent themselves by $332 billion from 2020. More and more people are turning to digital marketing at a previously unforeseen rate, leaving very little wiggle room for someone just starting out or currently struggling. 

You’re not the only business owner trying to make a name for yourself on the internet, which is why you need to find what makes you unique and publicize it. But as far as digital marketing trends go, you should prepare yourself for a tough battle to stay afloat in this ever-growing landscape. 

More Visual Content

Visual media dominates modern culture. Everyone and their mother consumes it in one way or another, whether it’s movies, TV, video games, YouTube videos, live streams, TikToks, etc. 

Everyone visually stimulates themselves to pass the time, so more business owners are going to try to create content and campaigns that will allure customers and leave them begging to learn more. 

It may be daunting for you to create and share visuals for the first time, but the tools for content creation and sharing have never been more accessible! 

Utilize user-friendly software like Canva to create marketing graphics, splice some promotional material together through video editing, or host a live stream on one of the many platforms that offer it. 

Also be on the lookout for some advances in interactive visual content, like campaigns featuring augmented reality and 3D images. 

Social media pages are the best places to share this type of content, but you can also put it into your email campaigns and on your website. Visual media has been capturing people’s minds for years now, and there’s no end in sight!

2022 is going to be an illustrious year for digital marketing, as the market keeps growing at an unrivaled rate, but it will simultaneously be a challenging year for those trying to get their foot in the door. However, challenges like these are what digital marketing agencies are made for. 
Companies like Service Zoom SMM can help your business find its footing in this dynamic sphere we call digital marketing in the Coachella Valley. If you want to learn more about the digital marketing trends we expect and the best strategies to see those trends through, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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